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The cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow

will take all of us


recruiting and staffing for the most in-demand cybersecurity positions

The demand for cybersecurity talent is at an all-time high and there is a critical shortage of professionals to fill this need.  The cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly require diverse perspectives to solve them.   DigiForce Staffing consistently attracts top cybersecurity talent from a multitude of backgrounds, helping bridge the gap between employers hiring goals and their realization.  If you need help broadening your candidate pool or filling a highly specialized position, the team at DigiForce Staffing is eager to help.  

some of the roles we cover...
Software Security Engineer | Security Architect | Penetration Tester | Forensics Expert | Chief Information Security Officer | Information Security Analyst | SOC Analyst |
Project Manager | Program Manager | Network Threat Analyst | Auditor |
Cybersecurity Sales Engineer | Network Engineer | Systems Engineer |
Bug Bounty Specialist |
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